Cheek Enhancement

As you get older or if you lose a lot of weight you often find that the cheeks become flat and lack contour. A simple virtually pain free injection can remedy this and create a more youthful look. In the before pictures you can see the face looks much faltter and has less contour. The jowl looks more pronounced as do the nose to mouth lines.In the after picture the face looks fuller and more youthful, the jowl is less obvious as are the nose to mouth lines. These pictures were taken at our open night on 17th November 2011 when I demonstrated this proceedure.

The ladies below who had the treatment are delighted with the result and are happy to share it with you.

Client G below was delighted with her treatment with Juvederm Voluma

Client G before
Before dermaroller
Client G after
After Dermaroller

Client S Before
Client S After

Client B before using Teyosal Ultimate 3mls

Client B after using Teyosal Ultimate 3mls

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